Free manual of Qi studie - fengshui - bazi 4 pilars - nine star ki

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Free manual of Qi studie - fengshui - bazi 4 pilars - nine star ki

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Pages en anglais, mais donne un bon aperçu des sciences suivantes :

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=> Introduction au QI

Qi Studies and Metaphysics
Binary Model of Creation
Wu Xing
Nineteen Principles of the Infinite Universe
Tai Ji

Southern Hemisphere and Universal Qi: the definite angle
Southern hemisphere and Universal Qi
The Five Elements analogy
Hidden origin of Five Transformations
Southern hemisphere challenge
The Wu Xing ‘One Qi’ circuit
Arguments on both sides
Adjusting the Ba Gua
Further arguments
Defining a year
Earth orbit
Astrology for Southern hemisphere
Earthly Branches
Precession cycle and Earth's orbit around the sun
Star Vega
Practical do's and don'ts for the Southern hemisphere
The human body argument

=> Initiation à la nouvelle méthode des 4 piliers (Joseph Yu)


How to chart a Four Pillars structure: new method
How to chart a Four Pillars structure
Conventional format
Charting method
advantages of this new proposed format
Your student or client
Take all benefits
Symbols used
Inner and outer ring
Heavenly Stems contained in Earthly
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Printable destiny sheet

=> Initiation au Feng Shui classic

Nine Star Ki Basics
Feng Shui comes in many different faces
1 or 2 notes on Facing, Sitting and Ming Tang
Finding the center of a built structure
81 star combinations
Mirrors in classical Chinese Feng Shui

=> Initiation au Nine Star Ki, étoiles polaires et . . .

Nine Star Ki Basics
Introduction I
Introduction II
How to find your three Nine Star Ki numbers
Basic emotion
Five transformations (Wu Xing) dynamics
Exploring the 9 Magic Squares
Displaying month and day stars
Significance of opposite Luo Shu houses

Your personal Qi diary with Nine Star Ki
Your personal Qi diary
So, what are off-days
The 9 Stars and Houses in 2002
Taking 1 Water as an example
So, what's next?
Sheets for you to print: Month squares for 2002
Sheets for you to print: Daily diary
Sheets for you to print: Month squares
Sheets for you to print:
Calendar for 2002

Nine Star Ki and Chinese Zodiac cycles joined
Joined destiny cycles
Luo Shu and Luo Pan combined
Linking time cycles
Significance of 1, 4 and 7
Significance of 2, 5 and 8
Significance of 3, 6 and 9
Number of Man, 666
Case study
Kanagi Guruma
Destiny Sheet

Arrows and Luo Shu
Earth magnetic field
Heaven and Earth Qi
Grouping of Stars
Luo Shu blocks 1-4-7 years
Luo Shu blocks 2-5-8 years
Luo Shu blocks 3-6-9 years
Understanding past experiences
Case I
A new impulse
Birth chart
Birth chart and annual square
Star attributes
Case II
Years table
Case III
Nine cycle Destiny Sheet

Reading the news
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8


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