ZWDS - 12 Palaces

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ZWDS - 12 Palaces

Message  Rubis le Ven 6 Jan - 12:50


Voici un bon texte issu d’une traduction concernant une technique importante de lecture d'un thème Zwds.
J'ai trouvé cet écrit sur le net, la traduction du texte chinois est en anglais.
(auteur inconnu/traducteur inconnu)


Copy :

The 12 palaces are arranged in anti-clockwise direction in this fixed sequence as below:

Some techniques of Zi wei dou shu:

1. Derived houses (turned houses):
"Just like western astrology, zi wei dou shu also has a technique of derived houses/turned houses. Cannot find any english text on this technique, below is the translation of this" :

Life Palace – The luck house of spouse, the wealth house of career(to judge the financial state of career ), career palace of the wealth palace, have a 1-6 relationship with the illness palace, property palace of children palace, illness palace of the servant palace, the corridor of the house

Siblings Palace – The spouse palace of father, therefore it is the mother's palace, also it is the father palace of a spouse; property palace of wealth palace(the place where you stock your money),how much cash you have in hand;illness palace of career palace(judge the ups and downs of your career);career palace of illness palace(terribly physical accident will be showed here);wealth palace of property palace;servant palace of travelling palace(people skills and the interaction with the outer world); luck palace of children palace

Spouse Palace - Sibling palace of mother, second sbling; wealth palace of luck palace(karma in effect,so as the marriage is the result or a new start of karma);luck palace of travelling palace(accidents while far away from home);travelling palace of career palace(outer environment and hidden threat of career ); spouse palace-career palace is called the serious illness line,(If be malefic influenced);property palace of illness palace(illness palace is your physical body, together with the spouse palace we could deduce the sexual attraction between the couple;lavatory in a house)

Children Palace - siblings palace of spouse; second spouse; your student or subordinate; illness palace of luck palace(romantic affairs house); Children palace--property palace(represents the romantic attraction and the sexual ability);property palace of travelling palace(represents the accident);career palace of friend palace(represents your shareholder and the partner), money of father and colleague.

Wealth Palace - Spouse palace of the spouse palace(how's the relationship between the couple);luck palace of career palace; opposite house of luck palace(apparent karma in this life which is the money you have); children of your siblings or the romantic attraction of your siblings; your role in marriage; house of a friend; guestroom; illness of father;

Illness Palace – The life palace is the nature while the illness palace is where your mind rest. this palace produce libido; illness palace of the illness palace is the luck palace(luck is the seed, illness is the fruit, so if you have illness you could seek your luck house to find a indication of a good doctor );opposite ying palace of parents palace(luck and karma inherited from your paraents);parlor in a house;property palace of career(office or factory or shops);children palace of spouse(romantic affairs of spouse);money of siblings,spouse of children; luck of friend;

Travelling Palace - This house is a hidden house if you have main star in your first house and live and work near your hometown. If you do not have main star in your first life palace, you will use travelling house to be your life house;it will indicate the luck when you going out;servant palace of parents palace(life length of parents);wealth palace of spouse, financial state and the people skills of your spouse; illness of siblings;grandchildren; the luck when you are old; parents of friend; money not from work but from other source;

Servant Palace - Life palace is the first palace, servant palace is the sixth palace, they are sharing luck and misfortune together; property palace of luck palace;if it have connection with siblings palace it is called the achievement line or fiasco line; parents of the career(big boss of big company,upstream manufacturer); illness of spouse palace; figure of spouse;money of children;travelling palace of siblings;

Career Palace – Life palace--wealth palace--career palace, these three palace is mutual influenced;wealth palace of wealth palace (how you spend your money);parents palace of property palace(represents the landlord); servants palace of siblings; social life of spouse; illness of children; study room

Property Palace - illness palace of wealth palace; place where you keep your money, spouse palace of servants palace, also the servants palace of spouse palace(represents the opposite sex friend. In romantic affairs, children palace is younger lover, property palace is an older one); palace for peaceful life, if it is afflicted, the person will easily attract disasters; siblings of career palace(represents the companies belong to the same group or colleagues);immovable properties, houses; career of siblings; travelling palace of children;

Luck Palace - Parents house for parents which is the grandparents(specially for your grandfather);career of your spouse(marriage life and the career of your spoues); illness palace of illness palace(strong consideration in health and suggestions for good treatment and lust);luck palace coming from the karma of your ancestors and the illness from deep inside, it is always the palace for suiside; spouse for career palace(represents the contracted or chain operation);property of siblings; marriage state of a female; servants of children

Parents Palace – Father or uncle; your inherited looking from your parents(if you want to judge if a person is beauty or not, judge parents palace and life palace and the travelling palace). the opposition house of illness house and yang palace (it also shows one's inclination towards libido);your teacher and immediate boss; children palace of the career palace(branch company,downstream firms); servants palace of wealth palace(represent check, payment contract); wealth palace of servant palace(the financial interaction with your friend); exam for position; relationship with your boss; law issues; connected with the illness palace(which is called the death line, if this line is malefic, the nativity is prone to bankruptcy or closure); career palace of children palace;illness palace of travelling palace(illness while you are out of hometown); luck palace of siblings, family background of the spouse;money of your friends; kitchen in a house

There is another house which is always together with any of the 6 main houses(Life palace, spouse palace, wealth palace, travelling palace, career palace, luck palace) and it is called the Body Palace. It will assist the life palace to operate your luck when you grown up.

If the body palace is together with the life palace:the person wil be strong-minded and not easily get influenced.
spouse palace: emotional person, enjoy family life, influenced by the fortune of the spouse.

A palace is affected or is most influenced by the adjacent palaces, the opposite palace and the related harmony palaces.

Looking at the chart above, we can say that the Life Palace is influenced by:
# the adjacent palaces (Parents and Siblings Palaces)
# the opposite palace (Travel Palace)
# the related harmony palace (Career and Wealth Palaces)


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